Introducing Emu

Consisting of two components, Emu is an advanced "placeshifting" system for streaming a private live television source, such as a cable or satellite subscription, to another location for personal viewing.

Emu Server can capture a source using a suitable DirectShow-compatible capture device, control it using an IRTrans or LIRC-compatible IR transmitter, encode it using configurable encoding parameters and stream it over the local network or to a remote location via the Internet.

Emu Player has been designed to produce the best possible user experience for watching the stream on either television, tablet or mobile devices. When installed on a suitable HTPC, the configurable "10-foot UI" is designed to be controlled using a physical controller, such as an air mouse or MCE remote.

Favourite channels, together with customizable high-resolution logos can be configured on the server and are automatically pushed to the player and displayed in a straightforward user interface for the viewer to select.

For long distance streaming, advanced users can configure additional relay servers, placed at geographically strategic locations between the streaming server and the player, with the system automatically choosing the best route for the stream.

While the hardware is more expensive and Emu is trickier to setup than existing off-the-shelf solutions, the advantages are that it is more flexible, the hardware can be upgraded as encoding technology evolves, its decentralised nature means it isn't reliant on the continued operation of any thirdparty servers and the viewing experience is ad-free and designed for viewing on the big-screen.

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