Configuration of Emu Player on Windows, macOS or Linux is achieved by editing the "settings.cfg" file using a standard text editor such as Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on macOS or gedit on Linux.

This file can be found at "%APPDATA%\Emu\Player" on Windows, "~/Library/Containers/com.beardcatbabybat.emu-player.macos/Data/Library/Application Support/Emu/Player" on macOS and will vary on Linux. For example, on Ubuntu the settings file can be found at "~/.local/share/Emu/Player".

A default settings file is placed here during installation which in many cases can be left unchanged.

General Settings

This section of the settings file defines the general settings for the player.

Setting Type Description
video_hq true or false Set this to true to enable highest quality video playback.
video_sharpen 0.0 or above Set this to a positive value to enable video sharpening.
scaling_algo 1-8 Controls the logo scaling algorithm (see below for details).
audio_device text Set this to the name of the output device (blank=default).
audio_delay milliseconds Set this to a positive or negative value to adjust audio sync.
log_to_file true or false Set to true to write to "logs\log.txt" in the settings folder.
verbosity 0-2 Controls the amount of information written to the log file.


  • Enabling the "video_hq" or "video_sharpen" options requires a more powerful CPU. If the CPU isn't powerful enough you will see frame drops and video stutter.
  • Typical values for "video_sharpen" are 0.05 for a subtle sharpening effect and 0.1 or above for a more prounounced sharpening effect.
  • Valid values for "scaling_algo" are 1 - box filter, 2 - triangle filter, 3 - bell filter 4 - b-spline filter, 5 - hermite filter, 6 - mitchell, filter 7 - lanczos3 filter or 8 - SDL blitscale.
  • Setting "log_to_file" to false will cause all logging information to be written to standard output instead of the log file.

Key Mappings

This section of the settings file assigns key presses to player commands.

Command Description
APPCMD_UP Navigate up in the interface.
APPCMD_DOWN Navigate down in the interface.
APPCMD_LEFT Navigate left in the interface.
APPCMD_RIGHT Navigate right in the interface.
APPCMD_SELECT Select the highlighted option.
APPCMD_BACK Go back to the previous menu.
APPCMD_CONTROLS Display the streaming controls.
APPCMD_FULL_SCREEN Toggle full-screen/windowed.
APPCMD_VIDEO_Q1 Select video quality 1 (highest).
APPCMD_VIDEO_Q2 Select video quality 2.
APPCMD_VIDEO_Q3 Select video quality 3.
APPCMD_VIDEO_Q4 Select video quality 4.
APPCMD_VIDEO_CYCLE Cycle through the video qualities.
APPCMD_INFO Display an information box.
APPCMD_DISCONNECT Disconnect from the server.
APPCMD_QUIT Quit/Close the application.
SSCMD_XXX Send command XXX to the STB.


  • The video qualities 1-4 correspond to the video profiles configured for the source in the Emu Server Source Directory.

Player Background

You can change the player's background image by replacing the "background.bmp" file in the settings folder with an image of your choice. For best results choose an image of at least 1920x1080 in size.

Alternatively, if you place one or more mp4 or mov video files in the "videos" folder then these will automatically play in sequence in the background instead. A good source of videos is Benjamin Mayo's website. These are the videos that the Apple TV uses as screensavers and they work well with the player. If you right-click on the videos on Benjamin's site you can save them directly to the above folder.

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