Emu Server uses the FFmpeg command line tool - sometimes referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of media tools - for the capture and encoding of the source. The source code used to build the version of FFmpeg distributed with Emu Server can be downloaded here: ffmpeg-3.2.2-windows.zip.

Emu Player is built on the Simple DirectMedia Layer cross-platform development library and uses libVLC for video decoding and playback, which is the library behind the VLC media player.

The source code used to build the version of libVLC distributed with Emu Player can be downloaded here: vlc.tar.gz (Windows, macOS and Linux) and VLCKit.tar.gz (iOS and tvOS).

Object files that could be used to relink the iOS and tvOS versions with a different version of libVLC can be found here: emu-player-ios.build.zip (iOS) and emu-player-tvos.build.zip (tvOS).

A complete list of thirdparty libraries together with associated license information can be found in the "licenses" folder inside the program installation folder.

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